BAR Services have been helping removal firms move peoples homes for over 40 years.

Thanks to the power of the internet we are now able to sell easily to people who are moving themselves. When you buy from us you benefit from our experience and commitment to quality that all our trade customers count on.

Moving house need not be the cliched “most stressful day of life” we all fear. Planning your packing needs in advance and buying good quality products will remove a great deal of stress from your moving plans.

Quality and price

As part of the industry body that represents UK removal firms we are committed to quality and, because we bulk buy we get the best prices on all your packing boxes and packaging materials needs. Visit our online shop or call us today.

Choosing to move yourself

The biggest stress when moving is the packing part. When assessing the cost of a removal firm consider just how much time it is going to take you to pack up one house and then unpack it at the other end – especially if there are just one or two of you. On top of that, you will likely have rental costs for a vehicle and your insurance may not cover breakages during the move. Exactly what could you do with that time back at work, or in handling other elements of the move? Being a self-mover is not always the best idea and we may be able to recommend a firm in your area.

Working out what you need

Having decided you are going to move yourself, you need to plan out just how many packing boxes and other packing materials you are going to need. The worst thing to happen is you run out before you are all packed up. If you would like help planning how many boxes you need then please call us now. Otherwise, put your details in our self-service store to make your order.

Delivery of your packaging boxes

Choosing the delivery date for your packaging boxes and supplies can be very important. Even though your boxes will arrive flat, many people do not have the space to store their order. BAR Services offer you the chance to pick a date that suits you. Just another part of our service to you.

Visit our online store or call our sales team now.

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Whether you need further product information or simply wish to place an order, all our staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of service at all times. Our sales team are ready to work with you to make buying from BAR Services a positive experience.