From local one-vehicle firms, to regional companies with teams and multiple vehicles, to national multi-site organisations, BAR Services have experience of working with businesses just like yours. It is an easy promise for any supplier to make but we really have been part of the industry’s growth and changing needs for generations.

We understand your trade needs

Selling you packing boxes is so much more than fulfilling an order. We understand what has led up to your order. From the urgent customer call, to the quote, to the stress of removal day, you will have demands on us that we are used to. More than that we hope to predict them and help you work as effectively as possible to avoid them. It is all part of being in the industry not just selling to it.

How to get the best from BAR Services

All our customers have a customer account and a relationship with our buying team. You can keep this as simple or as involved as you like.

Securing our best prices means buying at least one month in advance. We can help you plan and schedule your orders. It can actually free up cashflow and make your job quoting easier.

Next day deliveries and urgent orders are possible. Even at short notice we will work hard to secure you the best possible price.

Placing your order

It is simple to place an order. Simply pick up the phone or drop us an email. Knowing our team is ready to assist you is reassuring; as our existing customers often tell us. You will receive your quote and the moment you confirm the price, your order will be placed. Quality and service guaranteed.

Speak to us today

Whether you need further product information or simply wish to place an order, all our staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of service at all times. Our sales team are ready to work with you to make buying from BAR Services a positive experience.